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DATE: 09/20/ 0:30 PM I saw some sickpuppy pics on TheMax posting forum and knew I would eventually have to join your site, at least for a while. I was getting sick of all the low quality stuff people post of free sites - why do they bother? . Keep up the great work.

DATE: 09/19/ 0:20 PM OUUUUU!!! Once more you CREATED fetish! You never just show it but make something all new. Therfore I love SP. Thanks for this absolutely great pee update!

Sickpuppy is a special place... You're probably either gonna love it or hate it. If you are not into things like watersports, catheter play, object insertions and medical toys, don't bother reading on, but if you are, this could very well be your new favorite place to spend some time online.

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